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1 Red Fort ( Lal quila) The Main entrance to the red fort is through lahore gate.The Bastion in front of it was built by Aurangzeb for increased security.you can still see the bullet marks from 1857 from the gate.Sound and Light Show in evening ( except Monday). Chandni Chowk -Old Delhi
2 Jama Masjid India's Largest Mosque can hold mind blowing 25,000 people.Towering over old delhi,the friday Mosque was shahjahan final architectural opus,built between 1644 - 1658.it has three gateways,four angle towers and two minarets standing 40m high. Old Delhi-Near Chandni Chowk
3 Chandni Chowk Old Delhi's Backbone is the madcap chandni chowk or "moon light Place",a wide avenue thronged by crowds,hawkers and rickshawas,in the time of shahjahan,a canal ran down its centre,lined by peepal and neem trees at night water reflects the moon. Old Delhi
4 Sunehri Masjid South of the Red Fort is the 18th Century sunheri masjid.in 1973 nadir shah,the persian invader,stood on its roof and macabrely watched his soldiers conduct a bloody massacre of Delhi's inhabitants. Old Delhi
5 Raj Ghat South of the Red Fort, on the banks of Yamuna River, a simple square platform of black marble marks the spot where mahatma gandhi was cremated following his assassination in 1948.it's inscribed with what are said to have his final words,' Hey Ram" ( oh,God) and has hushed,peaceful atmoshphere,set amid tranquil lawns. New Delhi
6 Humayun's Tomb This Tomb is the city's most sublime sight,and the one obamas were taken to visit when they were in delhi.a beautiful example of early mughal architecture,this tomb was built in mid 16th century by haji begum,the persian born senior wife of second mughal emperor Humayun.The Tomb brought persian style to delhi. New Delhi
6 Hazrat Nizam-ud-din dargah Amid a tangle of alleys and attracting hordes of devotees,is the vibrant marble shrine of the muslim sufi sant,Nizam-ud-din chishti.he died in 1325,aged 92,but the mausoleum have been revamped several times,and dates from 1562,other tombs include the later grave of jahanara ( daughter of Shahjahan) and the renowed urdu poet Amir Khusru. New Delhi
7 National Museum An Overview of india's last 5000 years,this is splendid museum perfect for rainy day and not so large that it overwhelms.Exihibits include rare relics from the harappan civilisation,including some fascination mundane items such as tweezers,hair pin from around 2700 BC,central asian antiquities including many artefacts from the silk route. New Delhi
8 Crafts Museum This is tree shaded treasure trove of museum.the Galleries contain more than 20,000 exhibits from around india,including metalware,woodwork,tribal masks,paintings,terracota figurines and richly coloured textiles.the fascinating items display the application of art to everyday life. New Delhi
9 National Gallery of Modern Art the gallery has fantastic new wing alongside the maharaja of jaipur's former place.it includes all the indian masters,such as the company paintings which were provided by the local artist to suit their new british patrons,beautiful work by amrita sher gil and noble prize winner Rabindra Nath Tagore. New Delhi
10 Rajpath Rajpath (kingsway) is the imposing approach to new delhi.it hosts the huge republic day parade every 26 january and the beating of retreat on 29 January New Delhi
11 Rashtrapti Bhawan built in 1929.pre independence,this 340 room palace was the viceroy's residence.at the time mountbatten,india's last viceroy,the number of servents employed here was staggering.there were 418 gardeners alone,50 of whom employed to chase away birds.to its west,mughal harden occupy 130 hectares.it only open for public for several days. New Delhi
12 Purana Qila With its massive walls and impressive gateways,purana qila was built by afghan ruler sher shah during his reign ( 1538-45),before the emperor humayun regained control of india.the site is thought to be that of ancient indraprastha. New Delhi
13 Gandhi Smriti This Poignant memorial where mahatma gandhi was shot dead by a hindu zealot on 30 january 1948.Concentrate Footsteps represent gandhi's final steps and lead to the spot where he died,marked by a small pavillion known as martyr's column. New Delhi
14 National Zoological Garden Wildly popular with families and couples,this is india's biggest zoo,set in 86 hectares.there are white bengal tigers,himalayan black bears,rhinos,wolves,elephants and some spectular birds. New Delhi
15 Cannaught Place Area New Delhi's colonnaded heart is commercial centre cannaoght place named after george V's uncle who visited in 1921.its street radiate from the central circle,divided into blocks and devoted to shops,banks,restaurants,hotels and offices. New Delhi
16 Jantar Mantar the Most eccentric of all delhi's inner city structures.jantar mantar is a huge collections of curved terracotta buildings,a giant play ground which makes a great photo opps. New Delhi
17 Lotus Temple the extraordinary temple is shaped like the sacred lotus flower and wonderful place to seek some otherworldly peace.designed by iranian canadaian architect fariburz sahba in 1986.it has 27 immaculate white marble petals. New Delhi
18 Akshardham Temple The Hindu Swaminarayan Group's Controversially ostentatious akshardham temple,on delhi's out skirts has something of disney feel.inaugurated in 2005,its made of salmon coloured sandstone with a interior carved from white marble in in giddying detail. New Delhi