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The silver light of the full moon shines upon its cool white dome,softly glowing in the night air.the quiet of the moonlit darkness is broken only by the small cries of night birds and by the haunting strains of an islamic hymn sung by the worshipper,echoing inside the marble walled tomb

The extreme beauty of the Taj Mahal can be appreciated not only by subtle moonlight but in the radiance of dawn and the orange glow of sunset.even in the brightest light of the mid day,this graceful white marble structures shines with awe-inspiring loveliness.Visitors all over the globe come to experience the inspiring serenity of the taj has been said,with undeniable verity,that the tajmahal is the miracle of miracles,the final wonder of the world .To know more about this package please email us at ""


From far across the sere,dun colored landscape,brilliant splashes of scarlet saris and golden turban glimmer in the sun.wild peacocks display their resplendent the suns sets behind the domes of memorials to long dead nobles,a string of ornamented camels stands silhouetted against the orange glow.and in the cool silence of a star spangled desert night,within the weathered walls of a medieval fort, a bard sings plaintively of the heros and heroines whose deeds brought glory to this historic land.

This is Rajasthan,literally,the land of princes,india's enchanting northwest desert state,known through out world for its noble tradations of valor and chivalary. here exquisite places and glorious temples attest to the artistry of the people,while more than 80 forts stand witness to hundreds of harsh dramas of attack and defense.To know more about this package please email us at ""


Rajasthan's capital,the eastern segment of the state,is now a large and bustling city,but it retains an antique charm.its old city walls and many of its old buildings glow with a warm pink color.Maharaja jai singh founded Jaipur in the eighteen century.jaipur Most famous land mark is the palace of winds,a fantasia of 953 ornate windows set in a rose color five story facade.from here,ladies of the court could look out at festival procession without jeopardizing their modest seclusion. high on rugged hills outside of town sit ancient forts,including amer,where the jaipur royal house held court for seven centuries.visitors riding painted elephant can ascend to the fort to see magnificent gateways,courtyards,pavilions, and a glittering chamber of inlaid mirrors.To know more about this package please email us at ""